Very good food!!!😋 it was fast and delicious and Driver was polite this is always a good choice for dinner or lunch !!!!
Nicest delivery gentleman!
Friendly delivery. Food is always delicious and hot!
Food, timing and delivery were great!
Everything was okay, except they need to know how to make a legitimate wonton. Wontons need to be filled with some sort of meat mixture, and deep fried. The wontons we received were just twisted wonton wrappers; fried, I think! Just awful. Don't order. I also ordered garlic spinach, and got an array of sauteed vegetables. The fried "jumbo" shrimp, were cut long-ways, in half, and greasy. I guess so they could save money on giving you a whole fried shrimp! The rest of the food, was pretty good. They just have to get it together on some of their listed items.
Well, the food, of course, was delicious. However, there was an order mixup and I'm not sure where the lack of communication came in. They kept trying to charge me for someone else's order, although I had paid in full. They said they didn't need to see the receipt I had thankfully downloaded to my phone. Finally I showed it to them. Turns out they hadn't prepared my food at all; they had 2 other to go orders ready, but not mine. Like I said, I don't know where it went wrong because communication with them isn't easy due to language barrier. Anyway, I had to wait about 15-20 minutes for my food. Being that I'm sick and was hoping for a quick in and out, it wasn't ideal, but they gave me some nice hot tea to sip while I waited.
Came in a timely fashion on a rainy nite. Food was delicious!
We received everything except the hot and sour soup, which we paid for. The rest of the food was perfectly prepared and yummy! How do I get a reimbursement for the soup?
Any questions please call us.